Mikko Leinonen


My name is Mikko Leinonen. I’am a self-taught Landscape photographer from Northern Finland city of Oulu is my hometown.

My Photographs i want to bring out the Finnish landscape atmospherically. Sunrise and sunset the summer night bright lights and midnight sun unique atmosphere appear on many of my photographs.

Photographing Northern Lights is one of my passions. In the north, from autumn until late spring blazing in the sky northern lights are one of the finest phenomena of what a person can experience and see in nature. Rhythmic motion of the Northern Lights, as well as a wonderful vibrant color and light create a strong atmosphere for the northern night.

I have always liked night photography and today i photograph often time between sunset and sunrise. A Midsummer Night’s bright light and the hazy river are a sight that will be remembered. Nature is then most sensitive and you can sense it for every cell of your body. When you are photographing night-time the best part is the peace and silence, which can be experienced only at that time of the day. Present are only nature and it’s sounds the thought and the mind may soar or rest in peace.

I hope that through my photos you can feel and sense something there where I’ve been travelling during the years.